floating on water surface (was Wing Position)

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Sat, 15 Jan 2000 10:07:11 EST

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What you recorded of the behaviour in male Calopteryx aequabilis 'perching' 
on the surface of the water could very possibly be part of his courtship 
display.  It is well known that, as well as ensuring the prospective mate is 
of the same species, a male's courtship performance may allow a female to 
choose between males according to some quality or qualities unknown to us.  I 
have one of Georg Rueppell's lovely CDs in which there is a sequence showing 
a territorial male C.haemorrhoidalis landing on the surface of the water and 
allowing himself to be carried downstream; this, according to what Georg told 
me, lets a prospective mate gauge the strength of the current and from this 
she would be able to weigh the survival chances of her future offspring.

Best wishes       Jill Silsby

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