Discovery Dragonflies program

Mark O'Brien
Sun, 16 Jan 2000 10:15:57 -0500

Odonata -

I taped the dragonfly program that aired on the Discovery Channel last
week.  It was filmed in Germany (mostly), and featured a lot of slow-mo
footage of Caloptyeryx (maybe virgo and splendens), as well as Anax
imperator (though I think the called it the Green Darner and said it was
world-wide...), as well as Sympetrum and some Gomphid.  Most of the show
related to the Calopetryx (Demoiselles), though and showed in great detail
the mating and copulatory and underwater oviposition process.  Not a bad
show overall, though the narration might leave one a bit sleepy.

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