submerged oviposition

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Mon, 17 Jan 2000 12:46:11 -0000

Odonata -

I became interested in submerged vs. surface oviposition with the
publication of Ola Fincke's now classic paper on 'rescue' of submerged
females by male Enallagma hageni. (Something I had not seen myself until 2
summers ago when I saw male E. cyathigerum doing it here in the UK). Jon
Waage later suggested that submerged oviposition might help shape mating
systems in his comparison of Calopteryx. maculata (surface) and C. dimidiata
(submerged). Since then, I've always been interested in how common, how
widespread, and how plastic submerged oviposition was. Surface and
subsurface oviposition each must carry their own risks and I've always
wondered how females 'decide' to submerge or not. All theories, comments and
observations welcome...




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