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Odonata -

I think I mentioned in an earlier message to listbot that most, perhaps all,
of the film being referred to was taken and put together (visual and sound)
by Georg Rueppell and his wife Dagmar Hilfert-Rueppell.  Most, perhaps all
of it was taken in southern France where Professor Pueppell's team from
Braunschweig University have been conducting research on Odonata for the
last ten years or so.

Philip Corbet

At 11:04 17/01/00 -0800, you wrote:
>Odonata -
>For those of you who were fortunate enough to see this, most of it was
>filmed in France, I think, and Calopteryx haemorrhoidalis was the star.
>There was also a brief shot of C. splendens.  Orthetrum cancellatum was the
>villain (well, at least the Calopteryx predator).  Some American species
>were shown, including Anax junius and Tramea lacerata.  Anax parthenope
>(blue only at abdomen base) was also shown, as were several Leucorrhinia
>(from farther north, presumably) and Libellula quadrimaculata.  It would be
>great if someone from Europe would furnish names for the Leucorrhinia and
>Sympetrum.  There were also brief shots of "bluets" on the same stream,
>presumably a species of Coenagrion.  I must say that in all my years of
>observing odonates, I've never seen the "pile-ons" that this film showed
>for Leucorrhinia and Anax.  I hope no one goes away thinking those were
>everyday scenes.  If anyone else has seen interactions of such intensity,
>it would be interesting to hear about them.
>I thought it was a remarkable film, and I've shown it to several dragonfly
>classes that responded very favorably.  No one could ever forget sperm
>displacement after seeing it.  And those frogs!
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