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As a contribution to the topic of submerged oviposition, it may help if I
mention that Section 2.2.7 (pages 30-33) in my 1999 book is devoted to this
subject.  It includes a considerable number of references, including the one
by George Harp, cited in his recent message.  There are many references to
underwater oviposition elsewhere in the book which are listed  under
"underwater oviposition" in the Subject Index on page 829.  For example, the
relevance of Fincke's observations on rescue work by male Enallagma is
treated in the context of opportunities for sexual selection on page 549.
Some very interesting ideas have been advanced regarding the effect of
underwater oviposition on competition between males.

Philip Corbet

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>Odonata - http://www.listbot.com/cgi-bin/subscriber
>Hi, all-
>To those who are unaware, one paper re submerged oviposition among 
>some Hetaerina spp. is:  Harp, G.L.  1986.  Protracted oviposition by 
>Hetaerina titia (Drury) (Zygoptera:  Calopterygidae).   Notul. 
>odonatol. 2(8):132-133.
>George Harp
>Emeritus Prof. Environ. Biol.
>Ark. St. Univ., USA
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