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Dear Lists,
I'm taking the liberty of passing this on to Dragonfly and Butterfly discussion groups -- in case anyone is heading south. 
Sorry if some of you receive duplicates.
Bob Behrstock

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Date:         Mon, 17 Jan 2000 21:34:24 -0600
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From:         Carol Schumacher <wncarols@LINUX.WINONA.MSUS.EDU>
Subject:      Money in Mexico

While in the Yucatan Jan 1-16-00, we found NO business or bank
that would accept traveler's checks.  A new (complicated but well
intentioned) banking law was the reason given.

US cash was accepted. However, no bank or business would take a US bill that
had that slightest imperfection: dirty, an ink stain, or slight tear.  At a
national park, however, I was given such a bill which I promptly returned.

In Fellipe Carillo Puerto, Mastercard was not accepted.  At two businesses
near Cancun, a surcharge was added to the Mastercard purchase prices: one
of 10 %, another 15%.  Automatic bankcard tellers were inconsistent.

All of the above lead to much frustration and missed birding
opportunities. Detouring to get cash at the AMerican Express office in
downtown Merida during lunch hour gridlock was not fun.

In many years of travel to Mexico, we've seldom noticed being
shortchanged. This year we caught it twice:  once at a Pemex and another
at the cuota.  Of course, this can happen anywhere. It was just
discouraging to have this experience after the other money problems.

Birds, as usual, were terrific.  Hope to have a report later.  Carol

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