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Thomas A. Artiss
Wed, 19 Jan 2000 13:01:39 -0500 (EST)

Odonata -

Mike -

No need to apologize. I agree with previous comments on students learning
to use resources such as the library. However, one of the skills that
every student needs to develop in the learning the process of
investigation is to find and utilize a variety of resources - the
dragonfly discussion group is just such a resource.

Although many educators are reluctant (with good reason) to simply give a
student an answer, pointing them towards resources like this discussion
group would be a good first step. I doubt that Mike was going to take the
answer and run by simply citing the replies from the discussion group in
his study. We should dignify all questions with a response by either
offerring our own expertise or by suggesting other resources. In so doing
we nurture scientific curiousity and encourage students to explore other
resources. I don't think that not answering student queries will solve
problems of academic dishonesty.

In response to your original question, Mike - I'm afraid I can't directly
helpful, although I would recommend Corbet's book "Dragonflies: Behavior
and Ecology of Odonata" as a good reference.

But this is just IMHO.


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