What does a fish see when a Calopteryx floats

Kelvin F. Conrad Kelvin F. Conrad" <k.f.conrad@talk21.com
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 09:37:22 -0000

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There is an old comedy movie in which the star poses as a 'fishing expert'
and manages to catch a largemouth bass while his line is tangled over a limb
with the lure dangling above the water.

I'm embarassed to say I managed the same thing. The lure dangled from a low
branch over the water and my tugging on the line caused it to dance around a
bit. A smallmouth bass sprang up and 'hung' itself, with about 2/3 of its
body out of the water. I was forced to wade out to release it.

Under an overhanging tree, conditions were probably good for seeing above
the water and I had seen the bass plucking things from the surface. However,
the fish's perception clearly extended at least 30 cm above the surface. Not
a good place for an odonate to hover!


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