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Bob Glotzhober
Thu, 20 Jan 2000 08:19:33 -0500

Odonata -

Judgement is called for in responding to student requests -- as it really
should be learned to be used by the students themselves.  The internet is a
reference tool as well as books.  If a student asks you to provide all the
informaiton they need for a report, obviously you don't comply but
re-direct.  Perhaps suggest a good (commonly available) reference.  When,
however, they ask a searching question which is not readily available - then
an answer is appropriate.

Not a dragonfly item, but I recently did a workshop with some 8th graders
who were trying to (gifted learning class) identify and learn as much as
possible about a skeleton that a teacher brought back from a backpacking
trip.  The teacher & I knew what it was - but their job was to learn on
their with minimal direction.  The students narrowed it down to either elk
or moose.  Some debated and voted.  One student e-mailed a mammalogist in
Alaska who told her that where sizes overlap, it is very difficult to
separate these two without the skull (which they did not have).  This was a
wonderful piece of information and a wonderful effort on the part of the
student, and a very useful, short answer.  The responder obviously was aware
of how much work the student had already done, and that finding an answer
elsewhere would be tough.  Here was an excellent use of the internet.

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