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George sent his reply to me, rather than the entire list, by mistake.

>From: bds@hanslope.demon.co.uk (George Mahoney)
>To: dpaulson@ups.edu (Dennis Paulson)
>Subject: Re: floating on water surface (was Wing Position) [ODO]
>Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2000 22:31:06 +0000
>Just to add my observations. I have seen this behaviour (throwing onto
>water surface and floating on current) myself. The location was the
>River Ousel in Milton Keynes, UK last summer. The species was C.
>splendens. I observed several males throwing themselves onto the water
>surface near the bank of the river. I watched this behaviour for about
>20 minutes. Each individual only remained on the water for 2 or 3
>seconds at the most. I never saw any instance of a floating male being
>caught (or even attacked) by fish. Many (hundreds) of individuals of
>both sexes were present at the time. I had already seen the Rueppells'
>film so was delighted to see the behaviour myself.
>I still favour the idea of a "courtship" display as the reason. What
>advantage this would be in selecting fit males I have no idea but given
>that the display took place near the bank of the river I would suggest
>that the current speed estimation theory can't be discounted.
>George Mahoney
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