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Richard Rowe
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 09:47:12 +1000

Odonata -

>>I apologize. I was simply trying to stimulate conversation about the
>>behavior from the fish/predators point of view. So far I have seen only
>>accounts of the floating behavior from the human perspective. A description
>>of what a different eye in a different medium observes may be a good
>>exercise to reveal unknown or unthought of components.

There is a book somewhere on fish flies, actual prey, and what the things
look like 'to a fish' (i.e. underwater photos, photos looking up at the
surface with prey or fly lying on water).  It was a US publication, late
80s - early 90s, aimed at trout anglers, saw it in a bookshop but it was a)
so peripheral to my interests and b) proof that a booklet someone was going
to pay for was already done much better, so I didn't cough up.  It wasn't

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