Function of the legs in Odonata (feeding)

Tim Vogt
Mon, 31 Jan 2000 16:57:10 +0000

Odonata -

As with others who have commented on this topic, I have not seen a 
"leg basket" method of prey capture.  What I have observed with 
aeshnids and corduliids is small prey caught with the tarsi 
and perhaps lower portions of the tibiae with the prey quickly 
taken to the mouth and the legs subsequently retracted.   I find it 
difficult to imagine how prey capture could be initiated by the 
mouthparts.  If odonate mouths were prognathous instead of 
hypognathous, the nightjar analogy would seem more viable.  Is anyone 
aware of any video recordings that show  prey capture initiated with 
the mouthparts?

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