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Here is a bit of bibliography about the subject.
I 've just had a closer look at the last Corbet 1999 book : Behavior and
ecology of odonata.
Here are some clues about the function of legs in the capturing behavior :

- "Aeshnids, Corduliids and Lestids use the mouthparts alone to capture
small prey". p. 357

- Prey of Lestes barbarus that is 1cm or more long is caught and brought to
the mouth by the dragonfly's fore legs and then gripped by the proximal part
of the fore legs while the distal part holds onto the perch." p.357

That would means that the legs are also used either for perching anf for
holding the prey, in some species. Amazingly, Philip Corbet hasn't
developped the function of spines and spurs of legs, but this seems to be
quite an interesting topic. A probable corelation exists between spines
lenght and feeding behavior, it seems to be very specific to each species,
or each family. Is it possible to generalize immediatly, I don't think so.

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