[Odonata-l] Enallagma needed yet again

Mark McPeek mark.mcpeek@Dartmouth.EDU
Wed, 11 Jun 2003 07:27:03 -0400

Hello all,

We're in the throws of finishing up another genetic study of the Enallagma 
and I've come up two species short.  What we are presently working on is 
the population genetics of the two radiations of Enallagma that produced 17 
species around the last glacial cycle.  As always, I'm short of western 
species, living as I do in New Hampshire.

What we need for our study are 20 males each from a few widely scattered 
populations of Enallagma anna and E. clausum.  Our goal is to do AFLP 
analyses (AFLP=amplified fragment length polymorphism) on these 
species.  We already have AFLP data on 3-4 widely scattered populations for 
the 15 other species in the radiations, plus E. durum.

You all have been extremely generous with your time and efforts over the 
past 5 years with sending us bugs from around the continent and world for 
that matter.  We greatly appreciate it, and we hope that a few of you out 
there will be able to help us again this year.  If you can get a local 
population or two of one or both of these species for us, please e-mail me, 
and I will send you directions for keeping them best for DNA extraction and 
send you a mailer to get them to us in good shape.

Remember that's E. clausum and E. anna.

Thanks so much!

Mark McPeek

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