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I have been trying to get a decent net bag that is 21" in diameter.  I have
21" diameter hoops from BioQuip (and one ordered from Rose Entomology)  but
the net bags they sell for them are heavy and too finely meshed for
odonates.  I much prefer the extra soft aerial bag material from BioQuip but
the largest size for that is 18".  I called BioQuip and they are willing to
make 21" nets for me out of the extra soft material (which is quite durable,
sand-colored, and of a looser weave than the material for the 21" nets they
currently offer).  Because it is a special item, they would charge me $20
per net bag with a 3-bag minimum.  I find the net bags of this material
usually get me through about 1.5 seasons before I feel compelled to replace
them.  It works well for all but tiny insects, i.e. you can get most damsels
with it as well.  I'd rather have it in green than the sand color, but if
you don't wave the net around the odes don't seem particularly wary of it.


I thought I would see from this group how much interest there is in ordering
these.  If you would be interested, email me directly off list
(mcshaffd at marietta.edu) and let me know how many you would be interested in
at $20.  If I can get replies for at least a dozen or so nets at that price,
I'll negotiate with BioQuip to see if they will waive the set-up fee and the
minimum and maybe get the price down closer to $10, comparable to the 18"
nets.  I'll get back to whoever responds and let you know what I've worked
out so you can call them and order directly.


You can go to the Bioquip site at www.bioquip.com <http://www.bioquip.com/>
and look at page 48 of the catalog to see what I'm talking about.


If there is enough interest, perhaps they will add it to their catalog.  In
a perfect world, we might even be able to get the extra soft material in
dark green and have the banding at the top of the net in green cloth as




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