[Odonata-l] Tsuda, Lyriothemis

Michael & Nancy van der Poorten info at srilankaninsects.net
Sat Sep 29 21:24:43 PDT 2007

1. Where can I purchase a copy of "A distributional list of world
Odonata" by Tsuda, Shigeru; 1986?

2. I'm looking for descriptions of the following dragonflies:
Lyriothemis euryidice Ris, 1909; Lyriothemis hirundo Ris, 1913;
Lyriothemis latro Needham and Gyger, 1937; Lyriothemis meyeri (Selys,
1878); Lyriothemis salva Ris, 1927.

I know what the original references are but am having trouble
finding them as I don't have access to good resources here; any help
with these is greatly appreciated.

3. I'm also looking for a diagram/photo of the secondary genitalia of
Lyriothemis biappendiculata (for information only).

P.S. I have a very poor, slow internet connection here; please keep
email replies to less than 500Mb.

Thanks, Nancy van der Poorten, Sri Lanka.
info at srilankaninsects.net

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