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Mon Jun 30 06:01:23 PDT 2008

Thank you for a most enjoyable and informative weekend. We very much appreciate your hard work in organizing and pulling off this event! Nick, meetings in June are terrific for us and we hope they continue that way.

Jan, we were very impressed by your students and your obvious love of and skill at teaching. You sir are a breath of fresh air! On the way home we ran into a lady from MI homeschooling four boys; they were in the field doing basic botany and were very knowledgeable of many natural history areas. We spent a quick two hours helping them. There's hope for this world!

Erin, you sure have learned a lot quickly! Thanks for all your help. Dan, thanks for the tour and all the side info as we worked your park. We hope to get together with you again and soon.

Corey, your A.longipes and a comparitive junius exuvia will be in the mail shortly. Mike, what happens when your "wheels" need retreads? ;-) You reminded me of a Phillipine Huk who taught me jungle survial many years ago - hardest feet in the world!

Best to all,
Dr. John & Sue Gregoire 
Field Ornithologists 
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"Conserve & Create HABITAT" 
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